(Patent Application number: 202021020210) An Automated Space Farming Apparatus & Mechanism For Moisture Regeneration Using In-Situ Resource Utilization

•The present invention describes a comprehensive plant growing system to provide the favorable conditions to grow more variety of plants with improved sustainability. The regenerative moisture content within the plant growing unit makes apparatus and mechanism of the present invention unique and helps in diversified crop cultivation.


(Patent Filed 202021035822)-Design& Developing Fluid Plates for various applications like Bipolar Plates of fuel cells; batteries; plate heat exchangers etc. to overcome the problems of pressure drops and flow optimization and overall efficiency and life span of the system can be increased.


Cerafiber reinforced metal matrix composites (Patent Application number:202121006528): This invention was created because currently the composites for the applications such as satellite structures, payloads, extra-terrestrial vehicles etc. are mostly ceramic or carbon fiber reinforced in metal matrix or polymer matrix composites. So, in our present invention we are combining the reinforcements of both the carbon fibers and titanium diboride dispersion/particulates to achieve the bulk properties like enhancing the load bearing capabilities and have also chosen the aluminium 6061 alloy as metal matrix to obtain enhanced mechanical properties such as high tensile strength, high strength-to-weight ratio, high temperature strength, high impact strength and other properties by proper selection of alloying elements and optimal heat treatment/ ageing treatments for improving the strength by solid solution strengthening and precipitation hardening mechanisms/effects . This novel methodology to obtain advanced state-of-the-art hybrid composites would help to design longer space missions and also to improve the
dynamic stability of the spacecraft structures for different mission-based applications such as for both defense and meteorological purposes.